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Aggressive ETF Strategy Composite

The Aggressive ETF Strategy’s main objective is to achieve an aggressive growth oriented return by investing in a combination of global equity asset classes. The portfolio consists of multiple exchange traded funds (ETFs) and is invested through the use of a disciplined research process.  The asset allocation of this model is a distinct and differentiating factor. The composite is allocated 100% to the global equity markets.

  • Creation Date: January 1, 2015
  • Inception Date: July 1, 2009
  • Termination Date: N.A.
  • Benchmark: 100% MSCI All World Index (net of all tax withholding)
  • Currency used to express performance: US Dollar
  • Leverage or Derivatives: the firm does not directly use leverage or derivatives, however, underlying holdings with investments held within the model have the ability to use leverage.
  • Domestic/Foreign holdings: All securities held in the model are trades on US exchanges, however, underlying securities may hold foreign securities.
  • Capitalization limits: there are no capitalization limits.
  • Tax restrictions: There are no tax restrictions. All returns are presented net of all applicable tax withholdings.
  • If applicable, nonpaying fee accounts are included.

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