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September 2010 Newsletter

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

 As we enter hurricane season, the markets seem to swirl around as much as the latest tropical depressions that we hear about on a frequent basis this time of year. With the excessive amount of uncertainty that exists in the markets and the world economies, the direction and expectation of both changes daily based on the latest economic data released. The question remains, will the hurricane, or in this case, a double dip recession, hit, or will we escape with a little bad weather?

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August 2010 Newsletter

Economy vs. Earnings

I wrote in last month’s newsletter about the disparity between current economic data, which has been less than impressive, and corporate earnings, which have been surprisingly impressive, and the question on which piece of information will ultimately be the true indicator of where markets will head down the road. The conflicting data has the markets reacting on a day-to-day basis with sentiment swaying on the most current piece of news to cross the wires. It seems that there is no clear indication as to where the economy or the markets are heading. The struggle that the investing community is having is whether poor economic data will eventually start to effect corporate spending and lead to lower earnings, or if corporations, which are sitting on excess cash reserves, will start to increase capital expenditures that will lead to increases in both production and new hires, and thus improve future economic data.

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