VCM Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that provides an array of wealth management services to institutional and individual clients.

VCM Wealth Announces Achievement of GIPS® Compliance


VCM Wealth is pleased to announce that we are now GIPS® compliant and our claim of GIPS compliance has been independently verified by Ashland Partners & Company LLP. In addition to the firm-wide verification, Ashland Partners also conducted a performance examination on the VCM Balanced Strategy Composite.

What are the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)?

The GIPS standards are an ethical framework that standardize how investment managers calculate and report their investment performance to prospective investors. Standardized presentations help ensure the information presented is meaningful, complete, and comparable to performance presentations of other GIPS compliant firms, regardless of location or regulatory jurisdiction. Currently, there are 37 countries that have officially adopted GIPS, truly making it a global standard.

Who is Ashland Partners?

Ashland Partners is a specialty CPA firm focused on the investment management industry. Founded in 1992, Ashland Partners’ sole focus is providing GIPS compliance and verification, accounting and consulting services to the investment management community.

For more information about VCM, this initial milestone, and our offerings, please see:

VCM Wealth is a suburban Philadelphia based independent registered investment advisor that manages assets for institutional, individual clients, as well as offering ETF strategies to other financial advisors. Beginning in June 2009, VCM developed proprietary ETF based investment models for use with clients and other RIAs.

VCM Wealth is a dba of Vavra Capital Management, LLC, which is a Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware state registered investment advisory firm. VCM Wealth is a client focused company that provides personalized investment management, retirement plan, financial planning, consulting and insurance services to institutional and individual clients.

VCM Wealth provides an array of wealth management services to institutional and individual clients. Utilizing a comprehensive financial planning approach, which includes analyzing current market conditions, the client’s financial position, risk tolerance, and future spending need, our goal is to create a comprehensive long-term financial plan that will help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

VCM Wealth also provides institutional asset management services to other registered investment advisors utilizing a separate account management product.

VCM Wealth claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). 

To receive a copy of the firm’s GIPS compliant presentations and/or a list of the firm’s composite descriptions, please contact Karen Vavra and