VCM Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that provides an array of wealth management services to institutional and individual clients.

Private Clients

VCM Wealth offers expert private client advisory services to individuals and families.  Our advisory process begins with an initial in-person interview, enabling you to get to know our firm and for us to learn about your particular needs, goals and risk tolerance.  We prepare a detailed and objective analysis, identifying what investment returns you need over time to make your financial engine run smoothly and most importantly how much risk (if any) you really need to experience along the way.  The entire process sets the foundation for our long-term relationship with you.

Once this first step is completed, we will recommend an investment portfolio that targets the return necessary to give you the greatest likelihood of meeting your goals. Every plan needs to be monitored, updated, and occasionally adjusted.  That’s why every one of our advisory clients is offered an in-person quarterly portfolio and performance review.  Today’s environment requires close contact, and our firm is intentionally structured to serve you with distinction.


  • Comprehensive financial planning services
  • Social Security and pension elections
  • Retirement income needs analysis
  • Insurance planning services
  • Strategy coordination with CPAs, attorneys and other professionals

We are currently accepting new private clients, and we invite you to schedule an in-person appointment. Contact us today