VCM Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that provides an array of wealth management services to institutional and individual clients.

Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational Family Wealth Planning is more than just estate planning. The comprehensive nature of complete intergenerational planning is designed to ensure you remain financially independent while accomplishing much more:

  • Provide each generation with sound and tax-efficient financial life plans
  • Educate your family members about their options and opportunities
  • Weigh the pros and cons of lifetime gifting (gifting while you are still alive) vs. leaving an inheritance
  • Evaluate whether or not to set up trusts for your heirs
  • Determine how to handle charitable gifting
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Distribute assets according to your wishes and desired timeline

Done right, family wealth planning can overcome conflict, protect your heirs and assets, and ensure your wishes are carried out.

As a provider of comprehensive financial life planning services we understand these concerns, the complicated dynamics of family relationships, and the importance of planning. It is not just about the transfer of assets or wealth, but also of maintaining and transferring one’s values around finances.

A word about gifting: As a way to leverage the gifting of assets, we encourage our clients to gift a comprehensive financial life plan to their heirs. Doing so benefits heirs long-term by providing them with a tax-efficient financial plan and educating them about their ongoing options and potential tax liabilities. We maintain everyone’s privacy while providing solutions to complex planning issues that may arise. Of course, different generations and personalities have different goals, needs, and risk tolerances. All of this is taken into account as we develop plans and strategies meant for long-term success.